Rebel Contraband Dataset

This dataset measures if and how rebel groups earn income from the exploitation of natural resources or criminal activities. The Rebel Contraband dataset makes three contributions to data in this area. First, it covers a wide range of natural resources and types of crime. Second, it measures rebel engagement in these activities over time. Third, it distinguishes between different resources that rebel groups can exploit (such as specific minerals and drugs) and the strategies that rebel groups can employ, such as extortion and smuggling.  Research can use the dataset to explore questions about the onset, location, severity, and outcomes of civil conflicts.

You can download the data, codebook, detailed list of notes and sources, and article describing the data here.

Natural Resource Location Dataset

The Natural Resource Location Dataset identifies the geographic locations, quantities, and prices for all known natural resources in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of South America over roughly the past ten years. This information can been combined with several databases of conflict information to produce a fine-grained analysis of the geographic relationship between the economic boon of natural resources and their possible conflict byproduct.

Territorial Control in Civil Wars

This  project develops a new methodology for measuring territorial control during civil conflicts. It permits measurement of specific locations, takes into account the surrounding geography, including the road network, and measures territorial control at multiple levels. For more details, see this paper. We will soon release a QGIS plugin and user’s guide that explains how to collect data and use it to produce spatial measures of territorial control.

Human Rights Violations During Civil Wars

For decades, political scientists have collected and analyzed data on the degree to which governments respect a wide range of human rights. This project extends this approach, measuring violations of physical integrity rights (such as extrajudicial killings, torture, sexual violence, and so on) by government and rebel forces during civil wars.